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Support renovation of the organ at the Merkinė church.

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The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Merkine is one of the oldest churches in Lithuania. The church organ has a wonderful timbre that has delighted generations of Merkinė residents and visitors. However, after years of service, the organ bellows have worn out, the keys of the instrument have dulled, and the exterior has been damaged by time and hacksaws.

Long years of service

According to historians, the Merkinė church is the oldest surviving historical object in the city and is considered the pride of all Merecians (Merecija in Italian). It is certain that more than one Lithuanian-Polish ruler prayed in this church, and after his death in Merkinė, the body of King Vladislaus Vaza was buried here. The church is adorned with fine art and artistic values, some of which were transferred here from the demolished Dominican and Jesuit churches.


It is unclear who made this instrument as there are no surviving written sources, although there is a lot of speculation. However, it is evident that this is an organ crafted by professional western artisans. While some parts have been stolen and replaced, some have managed to survive. Unfortunately, the current condition of the organ is quite complicated. It requires cleaning, fixing of pipes, rebuilding of the motor, and updating of the keyboard and pedals. Additionally, the prospectus, which is the exterior of the organ, also requires restoration.



Prisidėk prie vargonų restauracijos

Kiekviena Jūsų pervesta suma ženkliai prisideda prie Merkinės Švč. Mergelės Ėmimo į dangų bažnyčios vargonų atnaujinimo akcijos. Ačiū


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On December 9th at 3:30 p.m., an auction and lottery will take place at the Merkine cultural center. Guests will be treated to Portuguese wine and snacks. The auction will be led by Vladas Baranauskas, an actor from the Šiauliai Drama Theater. The lottery winners will be announced by Vytaras Radzevičius, the founder of "Merkinės fabrikas", journalist, and traveler.

Please note that advance reservation is required, and the reservation price per person is 20 euros.

2023 12 09 

Merkine Culture Center 

The event starts at 15:30 

Participation fee 20 eur / 1 person. 


Make a bank transfer: 

VšĮ Tikslas - Merkine

LT10 7300 0101 6501 2396

Donation for the restoration of the Merkine church organ


The Merkine community, institutions, and businesses have come together to initiate organ renovations.


Koncertai Burmistrui
Mc Merkinė

Merkinės Fabrikas

Balta Kreida

Choir Merkinė

Aritmija festival

Gallery Šalcinis

Merkinė Regional Museum

Merkiné culture center

 St. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Mēta house Merkinė

Visit Merkinė


How to contribute more?

You can support the restoration of the Merkinė organ by transferring funds to the provided account number.

 VšĮ Tikslas - Merkine

 LT10 7300 0101 6501 2396

Donation for the restoration of the Merkine organ

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